Lovely Lingerie (free fiction)

Trey stretched, feeling like a feline, relaxing for a day-long nap. The sound of the shower lulled him toward that goal, but then the image of Jonathan in the shower popped into his head, and he no longer wanted to snooze.

With one last languid stretch, Trey grinned and decided to follow his thoughts. He rolled to a sitting position, dangling his feet over the edge of the bed to slip them into fluffy purple slippers. He ran his fingers through long hair, the sun catching auburn highlights hidden amongst the dark locks the color of Jamaican coffee beans. He needed to wash it, and hated that morning after feel of little snarls created by his head thrashing about during a good fuck.

He dragged his fingers through his hair, and then parted it down the back. He pulled open a bedside drawer and, after shoving around sex toys, lube, and condoms, found two red elastics to wrap around the pig tails. He shut the drawer and opened the bottom one. He pressed a finger to his lips while rooting through its contents.

He yanked a lilac baby doll out of a tangled pile of lingerie. With satin panels that parted just above his navel to drape open over his hips, leaving his cock free and uncovered to stand and salute, it was his favorite. He wiggled it over his head. In front of the mirror beside the dresser, he struck a pose. Very pretty. Yummy even. He blew his reflection a kiss, and then strode through the bathroom door and into the walk-in shower.

Jonathan stood in the middle of the tiled floor, his head tipped back under the spray from the showerhead descending from the ceiling. Water raced over his closed eyes, stretched neck, broad shoulders, and slender waist and hips. Trey’s gaze stopped there, just below Jonathan’s waist, watching water run over the soft patch of brunet curls and down his long uncut cock, to cascade past slender but muscular legs and down the drain between his long toes. His fingers dug through his hair, usually shaggy with its choppy layers, now sleek, slicked back with the steamy shower water.

“Hot damn,” Trey said. He struck a pose, pushing out one hip and putting a fist on it. His free hand tugged at one ponytail playfully.

Jonathan flinched, but when he opened his eyes, he smiled and let his gaze drift down Trey’s body just as Trey had just done to him. He hummed his approval, but then a wide grin split his lips and he laughed. “Baby, I love the slippers, but you might’ve left those in the bedroom.”

Trey grinned and looked down at his feet. The water splashing off of Jonathan’s body speckled his slippers, leaving dark spots in the soft faux velvet surface. “Oops.” He pouted and kicked them out the shower door. They skittered across the stone tiles and came to a rest against the toilet. “Next time stilettos,” he said, fixing Jonathan with a look that gave no quarter.

“I can’t wait.” Jonathan spread his arms and Trey stepped into them.

In Jonathan’s warm embrace, Trey pressed his satin-covered body against his lover and purred deep in his throat. He knew that sound would get Jonathan’s motor running just as much as the sexy feminine clothing. A man that embraced his cross-dressing nature; Trey still couldn’t believe it some days. Sure, he’d met guys who tried to accept it, some even thinking it an interesting “sometimes” kink, but Jonathan couldn’t get enough of Trey in lingerie. And thigh high stocking! When Trey wore those, Jonathan would forget his own name.

Trey’s heart swelled with the warm thoughts, and his body with the hot shower and hotter naked boyfriend. He pushed his cock against Jonathan’s thigh and nipped at his neck with gentle teasing bites. Jonathan’s hands raced up Trey’s back, and then down to cup his ass, pulling him closer.

“Baby…” Jonathan paused, moaned as Trey’s hand found his stiff prick and squeezed. Once he caught his breath, he said, “Don’t ruin your outfit.”

“It’s machine washable, so the shower won’t hurt it none.”

“It’s hurting me.” He pushed Trey against the tiles and, despite the heat of the water, the wall still held the shocking cold of stone. “I can’t stand to have anything between us.”

“Are you ever satisfied?” Trey lifted his arms to comply as Jonathan pulled the nightie over his head.

“I am,” Jonathan said. “You are very, very satisfying.”

Trey shivered at the growl in Jonathan’s voice.

You wouldn’t be in here if you were satisfied,” Jonathan added.

“True.” Trey tangled his fingers in Jonathan’s hair as the man kissed and nipped his way down Trey’s neck. His body had warmed the wall, but shivers skated through his body, from every point Jonathan touched with fingers, lips, hips, and every other bit of his flesh.

“I was satisfied.” Jonathan rubbed his palm along Trey’s cock, his touch soapy and slick in the most exquisite way. “And then you strut into my shower in this tempting little ensemble.”

“Ensemble?” Trey laughed.

“Hush, baby. I’m going to be late for work, and it’s going to be so worth it, I might have to tell my boss to expect me late every day.”

“Why are you going to be late?” Trey’s voice dropped with each word, Jonathan’s hand on his crotch slowly stroking him to the height of desire and lust.

“I’m going to fuck you until you’re too satisfied to interrupt my shower.”

Trey’s laughter faded into a soft purr. “Please do, Jonathan. I love driving you to such language.”

“Language isn’t the half of it. You drive my cock… and my heart.”

Trey’s breath caught in his throat and his exhale left his lips in a strangled moan.

“My sexy baby. Pretty when he wants to be and manly when he needs a change. Trey, you are everything I want and more.”

“Oh, oh, oh.” Trey’s panted monosyllabic words served as the moans of impending orgasm, but also defined his eagerness to hear the confession on the tip of Jonathan’s tongue. Jonathan slipped his free hand behind Trey, holding him close as he bucked his own hardness against Trey’s hip in time with Trey’s moans and thrusts into his fist.

Jonathan pinched Trey’s chin and gazed deep into his eyes. “I love you, baby,” he said.

“Oh, I…I…” Trey cried out, unable to form proper words. His warm spunk shot up between them, splashing Jonathan’s stomach and hand. Jonathan kept working Trey’s cock until he began to soften and Jonathan’s body tensed with his own release. Jonathan leaned against Trey, preventing them both from tumbling to the stone shower floor as they swam in the aftermath of their love.

“Satisfied now?” Jonathan grinned wickedly.

“Very,” Trey whispered. He leaned against his lover, trailing his lips over Jonathan’s collarbone. “I love you too, Jonathan. Now go to work. I’m satisfied.” His eyes drooped, but his smile remained plastered on his face as Trey’s strong arms guided him back to his bed.


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