Hot July Days (AKA Free Reads!)

How would you like two to three free stories every day in July (and probably well into August)?

Okay, okay, I’m not really waiting for your answer because who wouldn’t?

Nope, no catch. No hidden fees. Nothing more than over 100 free stories written by the authors of the M/M Romance group over on These free stories are available to read for any member of the group, and you only have to like reading M/M stories to join (oh, and verify you’re at least 18 years old). Some time later this year, the stories will be released as an e-book anthology, but why wait?

Join the M/M Romance group by clicking HERE, and then clicking Join Group.

I suspect some of you are wondering why all of these authors would be giving away free stories. Everyone has their own reason for participating, but overall, the group members are a lot of fun, and the author members enjoy giving back to the community that supports them. The theme for this project is the group’s new slogan:

Don’t Read In The Closet.
Stories of coming out in love, being out in love and committing out in love.

Each freebie story started with a photo and a Dear Author letter written by a reader member. Authors snagged photos/letters on a first come first write basis, writing stories from 5k to 25k (ish) and from contemporary to paranormal and more.

Once a member, you can view the photos, letters, and stories HERE. I shouldn’t have to warn you that the stories may be NSFW, but also be aware that the photos, too, might be a bit racy for several of the story threads.

The stories will be posted starting July 1st, and then every day thereafter until every story has been shared. There will be no schedule of authors, because we want readers to try new authors as well as their favorites, so please drop by daily (or as often as you can) to check out these great stories.

The thread for my story is HERE. Check out the photo, reader’s letter, and then return soon to read the story. Some great names are participating in this summer fun.

Happy reading, cari miei, I have no doubt you’ll enjoy some amazing stories.

Pia Veleno


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