Blog What?

So I wrote this long-winded rambling blog post about how I need to blog more often. That morphed into updates on various projects. So one, I failed at actually blogging about something besides the boring status update, and two, I really didn’t think anyone wanted to read five hundred words about why I’m writing about projects and what those projects are doing.


I’ve been too busy, and when that happens my blog suffers. I know. I’ll work on that.

In the meantime, here are some things to watch for in the near and more distant future:

  • Make You Sweat (formerly known as Summer Lust) should be out mid to late August barring any catastrophes (Loose Id). I hope to see some cover art (and share it with you) in the coming weeks.
  • My Ghost has been accepted by Silver Publishing for part of their Halloween celebration.
  • City Cowboy (title bound to change) is in final revisions to be queried within the next 4-6 weeks.
  • Fallen and Bound By Love are currently being recorded to release in audio format. (Dates still to be determined.)

Also remember, the M/M Romance group on is still running their Hot July Days free reading marathon. Every day of July (and into August thanks to so many participating writers) there will be at least one (and often two or three) free M/M stories to read. See my post HERE for more information on how to join and enjoy. My story, Freedom’s Souvenir, hasn’t been posted yet, but many, many great stories already have.

Happy Reading, cari miei!



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