Hello dear Readers!

I’m a bit late with this post, but rest assured the links I’m about to share are still active, and I’ll still be checking in on them myself too. To celebrate the release of my first Loose Id e-book, Make You SweatI’m visiting some fellow readers and writers to talk about everything from Tootsie Pops to chicken salad.

Here’s the current schedule:

August 16th (release day – yay!) – Culinary Carnivale – I share my chicken salad recipe, and an excerpt

August 19th – Coffee Beans & Love Scenes – Featured Author means an interview that reveals the inspiration for Make You Sweat

August 20th – Catriana’s Muse – Visiting fellow writer to talk about exercises to improve our craft

(For the rest, the links are the blog home pages. I’ll come back and update to the actual post when each one is released by the blog’s owner.)

August 21st – RJ Scott, Author – Something new for both of us — a live interview!

Also on the 21st, I’ll be hanging out with Ethan Day and a slew of other M/M authors for Ethan’s monthly Gay Day on his YahooGroup. As always, he’s giving away several books from the authors visiting this month.

August 22nd – Tara Lain, Author – There may be some jewelry involved… stay tuned for more.

August 25th – Amara’s Place – I finally answer the question posted to me on Twitter month’s ago. How many licks…

Hope to see you all there!

Pia Veleno


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