It’s been an interesting month.

To put it mildly.

I haven’t been writing much at all in August, and I’ve mentioned here and there without really telling the story. The thing is, to take the effort to write a blog post about it would have been wasting precious droplets of creativity. I don’t say that because I don’t take this blog seriously – on the contrary, I love chatting with my dear Readers — but because I wanted to save what little energy I had for the commitments I’d already made.

On July 31st, I broke my foot. Now a foot injury, you’d think – and I did too – would make for MORE time to write. The foot had to be propped up constantly, and I certainly couldn’t walk on it, let alone spend hours a week running nowhere for the sake of being healthy. So, perfect for cuddling up with the laptop and a few cute men, right? Alas, no. Without my running catharsis, my mind shut down too.

A physical injury is never just physical. I was (and still am, at times) mentally exhausted. I’m sleeping a lot, and I still struggle to put in a full forty hours a week at the Job That Pays The Bills. That Job is very challenging, so needless to say, I crash hard after work each day.

I’m coming around now. Little by little. I’m moving more, and while I’m still in pain, still healing, I’m inching my way back to my feet. The Doc has cleared me to use a stationary bike, but made me swear on my FiveFingers to not stand on the pedals, and to use my heels, not my midfoot. Yes, yes, I agreed. Anything to MOVE again. Besides, I love running too much to risk slowing the healing, or worse, reinjuring the foot, by pushing too hard too soon.

With this little bit of physical output, I find my Muse wandering by too. I’m playing around with an idea for a sports themed story, and I put on Crank’s playlist to toy with the next few scenes. I suspect it’ll be another two to three weeks before I’m ready to pick CRANK back up because I need that to be right, and I need to be in full creative mind to write more than blog posts. In the meantime, I’m reading through a couple of other projects and making revision notes. Revisions need a different part of my mind – that part between pure creativity of writing from scratch and the pure technical section that helps with line edits and proofreading.

It’s a start, and it’s not a bad way to ease back into things since this is a manuscript I’ve been avoiding to concentrate on getting Make You Sweat ready to read. Now that Sweat is in the readers’ hands, I should be working on another project. Next week I’ll work on a blog post to update you with those projects, and maybe – just maybe, because my memory (and energy) is still faltering – I’ll run a giveaway for Sweat. I’m not sure how or where yet, but I’m considering a GoodReads location since the M/M Romance Group has been such as wonderful place for me as both a writer and a reader.

Keep your eyes out for a post about it. I’ll announce it here (too) regardless of where the entries are requested.

I think that’s enough rambling for one day. I still have a bit of energy, but I’ll put those towards the revisions. Punk rocker anyone?

Pia Veleno


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