I’m still without power/internet out here in southern NH, so I won’t be able to send ebooks out just yet. I’ll do the drawing, announcement of winners, and emailing of books once I have power back at home.

For now, I’m off to the library to charge my smart phone again.

Thanks for your patience!



3 responses to “Announcement

  • Beatrice

    Hope you’re staying safe and warm, Pia! 🙂

    • piaveleno

      Thanks Beatrice! We have a wood stove and a gas range, so we’ll make due. It drives me nuts to throw away so much food, but I’m grateful that we’re still warm.

      • Beatrice

        So glad you’re warm! We had to move in with relatives in Long Island temporarily. Unfortunately my town in Connecticut has so many fallen trees that it seems like we won’t get power back until the end of the week. 😦

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