Getting to know RJ Scott

If you’ve arrived here from RJ Scott’s blog, welcome! If you’re wondering why I asked that, take a moment to visit RJ’s website (Sunday morning) to learn about her new release, The Only Easy Day, and how to enter a drawing for a $30 Silver Publishing gift certificate.

Today, I asked RJ: “What first inspired you to write sexy sweet manlove stories?”

RJ said:

This is easy! I blame Jason and Mark from Battle of the Planets. I blame Apollo and Starbuck from the original Battlestar Galactica. I totally blame Jared and Jensen from Supernatural!

 In short, the answer has to be Bromance!

 I never even actually realised I had loved MM since I was about eight!

Mmm, Supernatural, an excellent choice for inspiration.

Thank you, RJ, for filling my head with images of Dean and Jared. Congratulations on your latest Sanctuary release.

Happy reading, cari miei, and don’t forget to stop by Silver Publishing’s site to decide how you’d spend your winnings.

Now I must return to the editing room as A Hound’s Love has a tight schedule for publication. Oh, how I love a challenge!

(No, really, I do.)

Pia Veleno


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