Ten Days

It’s been longer between posts, but I had promised myself to be better about updating my blog. For a while, I was torn between focusing on writerly blog posts and focusing on actually writing. Sure, I have some major edits in my inbox that require my attention this week, but sadly those are not to blame for my absence.

Instead of whining about how busy the Evil Day Job has been (hey, a girl has to pay her bills before she can enjoy hot, sexy manlove), I’ll just say that I have a few things stored up for you, dear Readers. Here are some quick hits, and hopefully, I’ll be back sooner than another ten days for a more interesting post.

* The first round of edits in the inbox are almost done. By almost, I mean maybe half, if I close one eye, and shut off the comments boxes from my editor. Better yet, let’s not measure them at all. They’re started. I have thoughts in my head to address what needs to be done. That counts, right?

* I have a partial blog post about siding with the enemy. No, not the trolls, but the… no, wait for the post. It sounds great in my head, so hopefully you’ll be able to read it soon.

* The M/M Romance group on Goodreads is doing another freebie anthology. If you write, or want to write M/M romance, head on over and check out the photo/letter prompts. There are still several great prompts available. (Hmm… wonder if I can sneak one in… the edits would just be a little late. No, just kidding, I know my editor is reading this. Hi, R, I am really editing. Honest.)

* I had a great run today. Yes, that’s writing related. Seriously, you must’ve heard that ramble from me already. Ok, no, it wasn’t a run, per se, but more of a jog/walk/jog/pant combo, but still… it was good.

* The reading levels have fallen off lately. Why is this good? Well, when writing is taking over my mindspace, I forget to read. Sure, some of the lack of reading comes from working my butt off at the EDJ, but there is writing happening here and there too. It’s a cycle, and I’ve definitely entered the read less write more upswing.

*Hey, go check out the story prompts over at the M/M Romance group on Goodreads.com. No, really, go. Write. And don’t forget to tell me when your story is posted, because I’ll need to be dragged out of my own little world to read it.

Enough rambling. Sogni d’oro, cari miei.


PS: Silver Publishing is releasing anthologies of flash fiction writing by its authors every week. Until I get around to writing a decent blog post about it, check out their site for more information. (Free. Isn’t that good enough to go look for it?)

PSS:  I’d like to offer more guest blog spots this year. Interested? Let me know when and where… no, not where, that’s here. When and… about what? Yeah, that sounds good. Shoot me an email. I promise not to ignore it.


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