Do you “like” Amazon?

Today Rick R. Reed posted THIS on his blog. Basically, he’d heard from another author that if your Amazon author page gets more than forty “likes” it affects the sales algorithms.

He’s curious. I’m curious. So if you’ve read and enjoyed any of my books, please take two clicks to “like” my page. It’s really easy, and really quick.

Just click here:

And then click the little LIKE button on the top right side of the page. (It’s a tiny little button above the Customers Also Bought section.)

Rick’s author page can be found in his blog post linked above, and if you haven’t read and liked something by Mr. Reed yet, I strongly suggest you give him a try. I love his dark tales with deep storylines and, of course, interestingly flawed gay characters.

EDIT: As a good friend pointed out, and I agree, it’s much more likely that these clicks help Amazon tailor recommendations for the clicker than anything else. Okay, she said this with conviction while I, the lowly writer looking for validation, can still hope for a like or two when it’s all said and done. Yes, we are an insecure lot. 😉

Pia Veleno


One response to “Do you “like” Amazon?

  • PaParanormalFan

    Hello Pia,

    I went right over to your Amazon Author’s Page & Liked it & also Liked ALL the Books that you have listed in your Author Library, I hope that helps you! I’m sure I commented before, but I feel you can never hear this enough….I LOVED “Hounded By Love”, it was just as Fantastic as every other book I have read that was written by you, which is EVERY Book you currently have published! 🙂

    Take Care Pia & Wishing You All the Best,

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