Free Read

The Wolf at My Door has been posted in the M/M Romance group at Goodreads. This is a free story based on the photo and reader prompt provided. When I saw this prompt was abandoned by its original author I couldn’t help but drop everything and give the poor guy a resolution… though only after tormenting him a bit.

The group threads are only for members, but the group is open to new members and, as last time, there are a ton of free stories in this writing event.

So drop on by and check out The Wolf at My Door, because not all wolves are big and bad.

The Wolf at My Door on

PS This will eventually be posted on Smashwords and ARe, and maybe even faster than I managed to get  Freedom’s Souvenirformatted and posted. Though any recommendations on cover art from you, dear Readers, would surely speed this process along.

PSS Yes, there is a rough sketch of a sequel, though Man Whore and Fallen are due their sequels first. Perhaps even Freedom’s Souvenir too.

Oh, gods, how far behind am I?


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