Guest post: Freddy MacKay

I’m taking a writing break this weekend, but please welcome Freddy MacKay in my place. Freddy is here to share an excerpt of a new Silver Publishing release Incubation. Welcome Freddy! 


Thank you Pia for having me today and hello to everyone who has stopped by.  My name is Freddy MacKay and I’m here to talk about my new release.


My book, Incubation: Finding Peace 2, was released yesterday by Silver Publishing. And Pia is letting me give you guys a taste of it.


David McCourt’s makeshift family moves in together and forms a protective cocoon around him. But they don’t know David’s whole story and he finds the constant noise a distraction instead of a help.

Bobby, Chris, and Austin want to help David however possible—but he needs to open up.

Jackson crossed a line he never thought he would. He wants to take a chance with David, even if his dreams of a normal life are firmly rooted with Alyssa.

The group has the makings of a rag tag family, but secrets—old and new—threaten their fragile bond. The community takes sides and David ends up where he doesn’t want to be: the center of everything.


Content Advisories: This has references to rape or near rape, and has MF and MM scenes.

The excerpt I chose today actually shows a scene between David’s professor, Junnosuke – Jun – Ito, and his longtime friend Henry Wilson. Jun plays the role of David’s protector and father-figure in the series, and he becomes an important part in David’s past, present and future. He’s a little nutty but I love him. Jun is driven by his own past haunts and it is those that draw him to David.

So I felt it was only fitting he got some props during my little blog hop.


‘Fixing the Kitchen’ Excerpt

Pulling the cabinet away from the wall with a crowbar, Junnosuke–Jun–Ito grunted. The muscles in his arms strained from the effort it took to bring the old oak cupboards down. Sadness churned in his chest for the slow destruction of his former home, but the boys needed a safe place to live. Giving them a residence where he could watch over them was imperative. He needed to know they would be okay. And, in a strange way, remodeling was almost liberating. The house had been stuck in time, a constant reminder of better days… and worse ones.

The kitchen hadn’t changed in the nearly thirty years since he and the guys put it in during their undergraduate school days. Neither had the bathrooms for that matter, and the tacky, early-1980s décor had to go. Jun chuckled. How had they ever thought any of this crap had been a good choice?

Bright blue eyes with unruly, dirty blond hair flashed in Jun’s mind. Abby. His best friend always had… eclectic taste.

“What are you laughing about?”

Jun glanced back. Henry Wilson had his arms crossed, eyebrow arched, and a questioning look on his face. His friend’s T-shirt had sweat marks around the neck and armpits, and his shoulders slumped forward ever so slightly. Guilt seeped into Jun. Henry felt the demo every bit as much he did, if not more. Henry had been the one to stay behind, kept the house when Jun couldn’t stay; the anger, remorse, and confusion over Abby’s disappearance driving him from their home.

“Just wondering where our good sense was when we decorated the place.”

Henry grinned and looked around. “You mean, why we let Abby take over?”

“Did we have a choice?” Jun asked defiantly.

Henry shook his head, squinted at Jun. “You’re the one with carpentry experience.”

Jun snorted. “Do you think that would have really mattered? Abby didn’t even remember until we tore up his bathroom.”

“No,” Henry answered. His smile widened, and his eyes sparkled with the memories of their friend. “Abby was a force unto himself.”

“Yeah, he was,” replied Jun quietly. He looked around the room. “But I can’t believe you haven’t made any updates; it’s almost ridiculous.”

Henry stepped next to Jun, grabbed the crowbar, and planted his foot against the wall. “Just wanted Abby to have a place to call home if he ever decided to come back… thirty years passed before I realized it and, well, I—” Henry shook his head. “Time just got away from me. Besides, being your lawyer has kept me more than busy over the years.”

Jun gave Henry a half smile and nudged his friend’s shoulder. “Sorry.”

“No, you’re not,” chastised Henry affectionately.

Jun’s grin spread across his face. “Nope.”

Henry managed to pop the cabinet off of the wall.

Tilting his head to one side, he winked. “And I’m pretty sure with how well you have this kitchen and the rest of the house put together you never intended for any of it to come out… ever.”

“Fuck you, Henry.”

“No thanks, Manami’s got that covered.”

Jun flipped Henry off then motioned for his friend to place the crowbar between the wall and next cupboard to be removed. Turning back to the cabinet, Henry slid the flat end of the tool against its edge, and looked around.


Smiling, Jun handed his friend the tool. “You did learn something from me.”

“Asshole,” Henry grumbled and hit the crowbar. His lips pressed together in concentration, his gaze focused directly in front of him. “How are Manami and the kids? I missed Kana’s orchestra concert last week and didn’t get the chance to see them.”

“I—uh, they’re good.” Jun grabbed the cold steel and helped Henry pull. “Kana was a bit put out you didn’t show.”

They grunted, yanking hard, and the cabinet popped off the wall.

“She adores you,” mumbled Jun, scowling. He let go of the crowbar and wiped his hands on his pants.

Henry laughed. “I know.”

Standing back, Jun looked up at his bulky friend and smiled. “All the kids do. Toku and Yuu have missed you too. I wish you’d have dinner with us more often. It’s not healthy to eat by yourself so much.”

Henry shrugged, giving Jun his standard non-reply reply.

“Well…” Jun looked around the kitchen, a sense of loss overwhelming him. “It looks like the demo’s done here.”

Henry agreed quietly. “Yes, it does.”

Jun didn’t move, didn’t speak to Henry. He just stood with Henry in their old, demolished room. If Henry felt half of what Jun did, then all the old memories of the space filled his thoughts, too. A familiar dull pain bloomed in his chest.

“We still have a lot to get done,” said Henry finally, somberly, glancing around the room. “Those bathrooms aren’t gonna ignore us.”

“That’s true. We need to get everything out so the kids can paint.”

Henry sighed. “I never wanted to deal with those horrid rooms again.”

“Horrid?” Jun squinted in Henry’s direction.

Excerpt End


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Thanks for having me Pia! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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