Sunday I revealed another resolution on the Slash & Burn group blog. I intend – and I hope you, dear Readers, will hold me to this – to blog more often. Yes, I’m sorely aware that I haven’t done much more than post review links and other quick hits, and while it wasn’t intentional to let this blog become so boring, let’s just blame the day job and move on. Okay?

Here are some ideas I have for sprucing up the blog posts. I’d love some feedback on what sounds fun, or not, and if there are blog post styles or ideas you’d like to see in the future.

  • “Once Upon A Time” Writing topics. Specifically, the creative process. How the stories are born, grow up, and eventually end up on your e-reader of choice. Did you know Man Whore was birthed from a song? You’d never guess the song since the story grew and changed so much that there’s no remnants of the song as inspiration in the published work!
  • “He Said, He Said” Character interviews. Who’d you like to see interviewed first?
  • “Teasers” One or two lines of WiPs (or published works) to give you a taste of what I’m working on.
  • “Quickies” You’ve already seen these. Bullet point updates when I’ve fallen behind on announcements. Hopefully, there won’t be many of these because I do intend to be better about posting.
  • “Just For Fun” Off topic posts about what I do (or try out) when I’m not writing.
  • “On A Tangent” You’ve seen these too. Off topic (sometimes) about anything – running, socializing, work, and yes, writing too.
  • “Coming This Week” I have my doubts I’ll have interesting stuff to post every single week, but like a road race, it’s good to have a goal you’ve trained for, and a stretch goal to shoot for if you’re having a good run and want to give a little push.

What do you think, dear Readers? I think I’m going to struggle to keep up, as always, but I also think it’ll be fun to experiment with these different blog headers. Where should I start? You, after all, read this site, so you should have a say in what you get.

Happy Tuesday, cari miei! Don’t forget to smile. It confuses people.


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