I thought about it, but I didn’t think it through. “Coming Up Next Week” really just means me fishing around for something exciting to blog about every weekend. Let’s face it, I don’t write that fast. Certainly not fast enough to have a weekly blog update.

Let’s try this instead – Coming this month. Of course, as warranted, there will be updates throughout the month too. Or maybe it should be a Coming Soon feature? Ugh, I’m going with Under Construction for the whole revamping the blog concept. That’s the safest bet.

Anyway, without further ado…

Coming soon, this week AND next month

This Sunday: A new chapter of CRANK. Crandall leaves work behind, and you’re invited to relax with him, the Crank way.

Next Sunday: My monthly Slash & Burn visit. My notes for this blog post so far read: “Something fun.” Uhh…. What’d I get myself into?

On a Tangent: I have two topics rolling around in my head. As soon as I pin one down, I’ll write a Tangent blog post. It’ll be something non-writing related. I hope.

Work in Progress: An update on Man Whore’s sequel

Just for Fun: the inaugural post, Are you ready for…

Once Upon a Time: the inaugural post, on CRANK and writing an online serial


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