Once Upon a Time: CRANK

Once Upon a Time is a new blog feature I’m experimenting with. Through this feature, I hope to bring you glimpses and anecdotes about the writing process. Today’s post: a free serialized story called CRANK, available at http://www.thecrank.wordpress.com

The latest chapter of CRANK posted Sunday evening. I remember when I was sharing that story twice a week. Then, after the first arc completed, it was once a week. Now, as we near the end of the second arc, getting a chapter done every other week has become very difficult.

It’s been an interesting journey so far, and I hope it will continue well into the future. While I’ve struggled to keep up, I certainly won’t be giving up. I love Crandall Jacobsen and Mike Vranken way too much to let time constraints send them to a character graveyard.

If only I could say that CRANK suffers because other stories are taking precedence, but all of my writing has slowed to a glacial crawl this year. In reality, I’d feel much more guilt about the slowdown on CRANK posts if I was neglecting Crandall and Mike for another couple.

Alas, while I have much more to share about these two guys, I also am short on time this week, yet again. Perhaps I’ll share the story of their creation in a future Once Upon a Time post. That is, unless you’d like to read about something else? Let me know, dear Readers, and I’ll do my best to accommodate.


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