Work in Progress: Untitled sequel

The End.

Wow. This was a long time coming. Coming, heh. I’ve finally finished the first draft of the second book in the Personal Demons series (the sequel to Man Whore). It still doesn’t have a title, but it does have a “The End”. There are at least two chapters that have a note that says “Incomplete Chapter”, and there are dozens of other notes about checking for consistency between the two novels and the ones to come later in the series, but overall I have a first draft completed. Yeah, I know, it’s a funny interpretation of completed, but other writers will understand.

Let’s take a look back. Man Whore was released March 12th, 2011. After a certain trollish incident that same week, I didn’t’ work on the sequel for about six months. The second six months were like pulling teeth – writing a few paragraphs here and there. After a while, I tried writing other things. I raced through edits for Hounded By Love. I wrote a freebie for the Goodreads M/M Romance group. Those seemed to be the speed bump I needed to cross. The remaining words were still tough to pull from my Muse, but they’re out now. They’re done.

Is it ready? Oh, gods no. While editing is tough work, getting that first draft down on paper is the magical part of storytelling, so the hard part is done. If you’d like a sneak peak, here’s a teaser:

It’s a cut scene, but I’m hoping to get it back into the manuscript – probably in one of the still incomplete scenes. Either way, its’ a fun scene. Go ahead and read, while I work on the second pass through the manuscript and continue to stress over what kind of name I should give the damn thing.

Have a great weekend, cari miei!


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