Powering Down

I finally wrote that Hunger Games post I promised in the last “Coming Soon” post, and then we lost power to the charming Miss Sandy. Without power, my wireless internet doesn’t work. I have limited internet access here, on the office computer, however unauthorized deviced (translation: my personal laptop) are not permitted on the network. No password granted, no internet, no uploading a pre-written post.

So instead of sharing my thoughts on hunger, I’ll let you read something more fun. Halloween is tomorrow, so how does a free copy of My Ghost sound to you, dear Readers?

Leave your email address in a comment — no other rules — and I’ll draw one person to get a PDF copy of My Ghost first thing Wednesday morning.

(Disclaimer: If I don’t get power back today, I can’t email… but our area is recovering quickly, so I’m optimistic.)

If you’d like to leave the title/author of your favorite ghost story, I’ll read horror all year long. Recommendations most welcome, but not required to enter the drawing.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Happy Halloween!


My Ghost

A ghost of my past haunts me already, so running into another in the same graveyard where it all began is almost more than I can stand.

So why the hell did I bring him home?
Available at Silver Publishing, and many of your favorite third-party distributors such as Amazon, B&N, and ARe.

4 responses to “Powering Down

  • jyl22075

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that you will get your power back soon. Stay safe!

    Jyl22075 at gmail dot com

  • arella3173

    Oh wow… Please stay safe.
    And thank you so very much for the contest. 😀 Happy Halloween… or… as happy as it can be… lol.. __>;; lol.. Uh, but I think I’ll have to go with The Ghost on My Couch by L.A. Gilbert. 🙂

  • piaveleno

    Short notice, little turnout, but that works out for you both, because I’ll be sending both of you a copy of the story this evening!

    I’ll definitely check out The Ghost on my Couch, thanks for the rec. 🙂

  • Gigi

    We haven’t had power since Monday either, and no signs of it returning any time soon. Latest projected date is 11/09! Catching up on my mail at Fedex.

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