Blog Musings

As I edited the post I wrote for the Hunger Games piece, I stopped to wonder if I was too distracted. Should Pia the writer be blogging about non-writerly things? I know some readers – myself included – enjoy reading about other aspects of their favorite writers’ lives but, at the same time, there is such a thing as too much information. Should I be blogging about dieting when I could be writing fiction?

I was at a loss. I just didn’t know, and there’s no one right answer. What finally broke the stagnation was two things: one, I wasn’t writing anything else, so I wasn’t really taking time away from the fiction, and two, readers and writers, en masse, sit a lot. Sure, there are those of us who will walk on the treadmill or sit on the bike at the gym with a Kindle propped up against the touch screen, but for the most part, reading and writing requires physical inertia. It also lends to the nasty habit of munching convenience foods without thinking of content, or even if I’m truly hungry. Sure, maybe I’m making excuses for my Hunger Games post, but I think it’s a viable excuse for the fiction world. As for that post? It should be ready to share this weekend.


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