Transgender Day of Rememberance

I had hoped to write something moving and uplifting today, but I woke up sick and my head is foggy. I’ll be fine, of course, and there are others out there who can’t speak up out of fear for their safety. For them, take some time this morning to learn more about the transgender community — from struggles to victories — and, even if you don’t know a trans person, support them in any way you can today and going forward.

My very good friend is transgender. She still presents as a male because only a few people know who she truly is. She’s been telling our friends little by little, but there are a couple people who she has not yet told because she suspects she’ll be met with disbelief, or worse. I try to be there for her, to talk, to listen, but I can’t make those others accept her when the time comes. I hope they will. I hope they’ll stop and learn before judging.

It’s possible they’ll surprise her and continue being the friends she’s come to love.

After all, here in NH we now have our first transgender Representative in the House, and her gender identity wasn’t made an issue at all. I didn’t even realize a transgender candidate was running in my own state until well after the election.

There’s progress. There’s hope. But there’s also still the lingering hate culminating in violence and death. For our trans brothers and sisters, take some time today to learn and share. Open your mind, and open another’s too.

~Pia Veleno


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