Hunger Games Renewed

Oh yeah, I dropped the ball on this one. Nearly three months ago, I wrote Hunger Games. I didn’t forget to follow up. Not really. Time flew by this winter.


However, because I was following my own advice, and tracking my foods, I managed to keep my weight steady through the precarious holiday season, and through the bitterly cold winter months that make me want to eat junk food curled up in a warm blanket. I didn’t follow that urge to hibernate. Not much anyway. As much as it melts my brains with boredom, I went to the gym when I couldn’t run outside. On occasion.


Ah, but I get ahead of myself. Did you write down everything you ate? Even if you wandered off the path during my lengthy delay, did you do it for a couple of weeks? Or even one?


More importantly, did you look over that list afterwards? And did anything surprise you?


Do you sneak pieces of chocolate much more often than you thought? Did you find yourself eating potato chips right out of the bag, so that you couldn’t write down how many servings you actually ate? Did you notice a lack of vegetables on the list? Of non-deep-fried meats? Of fresh foods?


This month, pick one thing that surprised you and fix it. If it was the chips, weigh out a portion on a scale. If it was a lack of vegetables, bring a dozen baby carrots to work to munch on throughout the day.


Also, if you haven’t already, add calorie counts to your food tracking. How many calories do you eat a day? It might surprise you. Learn how many you need each day too. It’s not 2000 for everyone, and for many of us, it’s much less.


I recommend for easy food tracking and calorie counting. It’s free, and you can use the web, or a smart phone app to enter each meal. You also get calories back for exercise, of course, because the app set a net calorie goal for your day. Another good website is If you like community support, forums, and articles, Sparkpeople is more your speed. I found I spent too much time there, but it definitely had its benefits. This one, too, is free and has a syncing smart phone app, but I found the app cumbersome when I first tried it about a year ago.


Don’t worry if at first you struggle to control that calorie count. It is a challenge. Keep working at it, and next time I’ll talk about food choices. Not all healthy stuff lacks flavor, but sometimes you have to search for the best ones.


We are a computer society, but we don’t have to sit on our fat asses all day because of it. Read your blogroll, your Twitter, your Goodreads, and then get up and walk around the block. I’ll see you back here when you return, with pink cheeks from the cold and fresh air in your lungs.


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