Coming Soon…?

Maybe I need to rename this post to something like “Stuff That Happened Recently and Hopefully will be Happening Soon.” Perhaps I’ll shorten it to just “Stuff.”

Since the funeral, I’ve been spending most of my mental energy on the Job That Pays The Bills. Q1 is always busy, but with the market performing well lately, I’ve been tapped every day. Sure, I get personal time — I do get to come home every evening — but after the busy market days I’ve had lately, personal time rarely has any mental acuity for things like WiPs, blog posts, or some nights, cooking a healthy dinner.

Never you mind that because it will pass. It always does. When summer rolls around I’ll be hip deep in my new story, and (maybe) posting regularly again here. I say maybe because let’s face it, I’ve never been a good blogger. It’s not in me to share with strangers when I barely share with my friends. Ah, there’s a fun blog topic. Introverts. We do try, dear Readers. Really.

Anyway, this post is titled “Coming Soon” for a reason… I mean “Stuff.”

On the Slash & Burn blog today, I wrote about running and writing, with a hint at the upcoming WiP: “The Written Mile”

No CRANK today, but there was one last Sunday. Mike eavesdrops and Ash puts Crandall on the spot in “A Favor Asked”

In the next week or two, we’ll revisit our calorie counting, and our favorite junk food in the next Hunger Games post. So if you’ve been slacking, get counting!

Quoting Fiction will be back this week. Stay tuned.

Happy March, dear Readers!


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