Hunger Games: Take a Step

A month has passed since we picked the one thing we wanted to fix. What was it? More importantly, did you fix it? Have you learned to measure out one portion of your favorite treat? Or perhaps you’ve managed not to eat the entire large double pepperoni pizza? Most importantly, even if you’ve slipped up on that one thing we chose last month, I hope you’re being honest with yourself, because if you’re not none of this will work. If you’ve eaten half that bag of potato chips, I hope you counted all eight-hundred calories. And yes, if that happened, you probably went over your goal calorie count that day, but none of us are perfect, so forgive yourself, and exercise a little more willpower to weigh out your next portion, leave some food on your plate, or avoid the kitchen when you have the boredom munchies.

I don’t think we need to discuss the importance of healthy choices, and I won’t bore you with such things. We’re all adults. We know veggies are healthier and lower in calories than chocolate, but we’re also adult enough to understand that we can’t live on carrots alone. Every day we make choices, not just in our food, but in how fast we drive, how we talk to our friends and colleagues, and whether we want to be positive and happy or a snarky bitch. I’m not going to tell you that every item you choose to put in your mouth needs to be perfect. It doesn’t. I sure don’t do that. I do, however, choose enough healthy items that when I have a glass of wine, I don’t go over my daily calorie count.

Not often anyway.

We’ll come back to food at some point. Before that, let’s work at a higher level. Right now, we’re trying to stay within a set calorie range. It’s not easy. How can we make it easier? If we exercise – if we burn more calories – we can consume more. When I run two miles, I get to eat two hundred more calories. I’ll save the lecture about how there’s more to exercise than calories – how endorphins and muscles add to our healthy outlook — for another blog. Let’s, for the next month, focus on earning additional calories by leaving the TV behind and doing something. Anything. Anything, that is, except sitting around inert.

I challenge you to move this month. Take a walk on your lunch break. Play outside with the kids. Heck, even do jumping jacks or push ups during commercial breaks of your favorite program. Just move.

If you’re using a fitness app, add in your activity so you get credit for the calories you burn. Walking a mile earns you an apple. Or, if you want to be a little naughty, a half serving of potato chips. Good deal? Great, now put down the laptop and go for a walk!



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