Long Time…

Hopefully you’ve noticed I haven’t been around much. The blog, Crank, Goodreads, Twitter… you name it, I’ve been either spotty in posting, or completely absent.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally admitted to myself that my back, shoulders, and neck need more than just intermittent breaks from the laptop. When it comes down to it, these breaks can’t be enough when I’m still working a full time job at a computer. I’m still working that day job. It pays the bills where writing, in its best months, might cover my groceries. So I can’t cut back on non-writing computer hours.

Backing off on the writing has been as painful as the muscle issues. My wonderful editor still sends me emails asking how things are going. She hasn’t given up on me, but there are days I feel like I have.

So now I’m officially in physical therapy, spending more money than my books have earned so far, in hopes that I can get my body to cooperate with my mind’s desire to tell a story. It’s the best option so far. I can’t cut back my hours at the job that pays the bills, and I have to get back to writing regularly for my own sanity.

If my blog continues to suffer, please forgive, and Facebook, well, I should probably delete that one outright. I have a new CRANK chapter to share this weekend, but I can’t promise I’ll return to the bi-weekly additions. I’ll finish their story, definitely, just how quickly remains to be seen.

Be patient, dear readers, and please, be like my editor. Don’t give up on me. I promise I won’t either.

PS I am not earning any money on ads popping up on this site, or on the CRANK site. Please see WordPress’s new rules about ads. Either I pay to go ad free, or they put ads up to supposedly keep my usage free. Oh, WordPress, I pay you already, just to use my own domain name, so I’ll be looking for a new hosting site. Anyone with web experience willing to be hired at a reasonable price want some work to set up my website on its own?


One response to “Long Time…

  • Robin Peacock

    Pia. I had trouble with my back and shoulder a few years ago. I was advised that I spent too long sitting at a desk. The solution; try standing. Put your screen and keyboard on a low chair or a box on the desk. It killed my feet and calves for a few weeks but since I got over that discomfort, I’ve been fine. I stand, rock, move, dance, hop, skip and so on, all while standing. At 7 pm I pull up the chair and sit down! Bliss.

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