Autism Speaks

“people with autism can understand humour & make jokes but an often literal understanding of the world can lead to confusions”

I met my nieces in Florida this month. They ran me ragged at every turn. We waited a half hour for the Dumbo ride. I learned the names of five My Little Ponies, and the story of Princess Luna. I figured out how to allow high-fives without letting it turn into a hitting game. I witnessed bits and pieces of sixteen viewings of Frozen, laughed every time I was tickled by little fingers, and patiently repeated “please cover your mouth” at dozens of coughs as if I hadn’t said it several times already.

They wore me out. No doubt about it. I have a new respect for parents who do this 24-hours a day.

I may have returned home exhausted, but I loved the visit. They were full of pure energy and joy, untainted by the stresses of work, bills, and other adult nonsense. They reminded me what it was like to be a child. To believe in magic. To adore a favorite stuffed animal. To hug a princess but cringe from the Grinch.

My nieces are healthy and beautiful and clever and even a little sassy. I’m grateful they haven’t had many struggles beyond having to shut off the iPad to take a bath or breaking into tears after being caught hitting each other. I’ve read a lot about autism since signing up for RJ’s blog hop, but there’s a lot more information out there. I don’t have to do this – my girls aren’t affected by this disorder, but you never know when you might meet someone who is. From mild, barely noticeable symptoms to facts like the one bolded above, and beyond, austism runs a wide spectrum. Aren’t you curious what’s out there affecting the kids all around you?

Thank you for visiting, dear Readers. Don’t forget to check RJ’s list of participants to hop to the next blog and the next autism fact by clicking HERE. And to learn more about autism, has some great articles.

For those of you that stayed this long, how about a prize or two? In support of the autism fact above, tell me a joke and then tell me your preferred prize: paperback of Fallen, Man Whore, or Hounded by Love, or one of the ebooks on my backlist. Don’t forget to come back April 15th to see if you won. I don’t have time to chase you down.


7 responses to “Autism Speaks

  • Rj Scott

    Thank you for taking part… HUGS XXXXXXXX

  • TracyG.

    I enjoyed reading your post… I don’t do jokes but will share one of my 10 yr olds….
    Q. how do you make seven an even number?
    A. take the s out!

    Q. why did the elephant paint himself diffrent colours?
    A. so he could hide in the crayon box!

    I would love Man Whore 🙂

    geetracy1170 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • bn100

    Nice of you to participate
    Don’t know any jokes
    paperback of fallen

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  • Trix

    My kitchen is so small, I have to use condensed milk!
    (A paperback of FALLEN would be great…)


  • H.B.

    I wish I had a joke to share but I haven’t heard any so instead I googled some:

    Why was the policeman in bed?
    Because he was an undercover cop.

    Why are mummies good secret agents?
    Because they are good at keeping things under wraps.

    Why did the boy throw the clock out the window?
    Because he wanted to see time fly.

    Hounded by Love sounds like a fun read.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  • piaveleno

    Thanks for dropping by everyone! The joke-drawing will remain open until I post winners. Keep those jokes coming!

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