Update on Silver books

So, yeah… Silver Publishing is done. What, exactly, happened I don’t know. Oh, sure, money. Blah, blah. As has been the problem for a while now, there’s been little to no communication on the matter, but the sudden shut down was not surprising since I haven’t seen a royalty report in a couple of quarters, and requests for information kept being put off.

It’s fine. This will save me the hassle of asking for the rights back. However, for those of you who have previously purchased any Silver Publishing books, please make sure you have a back-up of your purchase. The SP servers will be taken off line as of May first. Check your copies now, and download what you’ve paid for.

Going forward, I do intend to have the four stories I had with SP rereleased soon. I haven’t decided where yet, but they do have priority on my to-do list. My current thought involves sending Fallen and Man Whore out to publishers, and self-pubbing the two shorts: Bound By Love and My Ghost.

I’ve had two invitations from other publishers, and that makes this much easier to address. Perhaps, once these four stories are back online at your favorite storefronts, I’ll also have a publisher lined up that is eager to get the sequel to Man Whore cleaned up and published. It’s been ready, but I haven’t been. Yep, for that now obvious reason… that I’m not the least bit surprised that I now have Man Whore back in my full ownership.

In the meantime, Solo Flight is now available on Amazon. Click HERE to purchase.


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