Book Review: A New Dawn, by Allie Berg

Allie BergFair warning, I’m writing about a book with girl bits today.

I recently read A New Dawn by Allie Berg. This story is the unofficial anchor story for the Eostre’s Baskets collection. A New Dawn tells the tale of Essie, the sexy and mysterious woman who creates gift baskets for the men and women of the entire Eostre’s Baskets collection. Essie, or Eostre, despite being a female character, turned out to be fun, strong, and stubborn, while also being willing to let down her guard here and there. Sometimes for a sexy shape-shifting man, and sometimes simply to befriend a sorta-feral boar.

Oh, I shouldn’t say “despite” but let’s face it – I rarely read heterosexual romance stories. I couldn’t even finish the Black Dagger Brotherhood that everyone seems to love. This, however – the fiery Essie, her mysterious male suitor, the mo’o who wanted them both off her island, and even Smithy, the lame sort-of-feral boar – this story, its magic and all its characters, kept me reading despite the girl bits. Both ladies, Essie and Moana, were unique and enjoyable, each with their own flaws and strengths, and personalities that made me want to read more of them.

Meanwhile our sexy male lead, Xav, despite his different faces and names, was a guy I could cheer for, even when it seemed Essie would set him ablaze like the dawn before letting him touch her again. Not that he didn’t deserve it, of course, but no spoilers here.

With a goddess who’s forgotten her past, an incarnation of internet porn, a pissy ancient guardian, a pissier and even more ancient god, and a few teasers for Essie’s other success stories, this is a book I can recommend to anyone who likes a bit of magic mixed in with their doses of sexy.

Need more? Check out Allie’s website HERE, or you can view the blurb and download A New Dawn on Loose Id’s website HERE.


Disclaimer: I did receive a copy of this book free, from Allie, with the hope for, but not the promise of, some nice words. Free, as us Kindle whores know, doesn’t make a book good. Allie, on the other hand, does. 


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