Jabberwocky: writing, running, and random facts

I’ve finally carved out some time to post the next chapter of CRANK. Head on over and find the boys getting ready to play a set at Blood Moon.

The other writing duties are still taking a back burner to the new day job. But soon. I’m getting antsy to continue a couple of different WiPs, and I need to get the Silver rejects back out for sale before I forget about them completely.

I’ve recently found myself committed to weekly speed work sessions at a nearby track. Joining a bunch of strangers was easier than usual because I didn’t have time to reconsider agreeing to it. Turns out, it was well worth the torture of meeting new people. Once a week, we gather to run a different routine, focusing on consistent intervals at goal pace. I feel faster already. My fingers and my laces are crossed for 3.1 miles at this pace by fall.

In other news, I’ve been dwelling on blogging, a lot. I know I don’t quite have the hang of writing interesting posts, but at the same time, I find it hard to believe my life could be that interesting to the average person. As a test, I’m going to try adding a few random facts to the jabberwocky posts. Let’s see if we can find something fun to expand upon in a future blog post. Let me know what sounds like fun.

  1. I have two cats. I used to have two dogs. I also had, at one point, four cats in the house.
  2. My favorite drink is a homemade margarita. Very potent.
  3. I don’t like to watch TV unless it’s a Pats game, Big Bang Theory, or something with Nathan Fillion in it.
  4. I love Placebo, Dar Williams, and the soundtrack of Cats.
  5. I broke my foot wearing Vibrams. Yes, the same company that just settled a class-action lawsuit about their shoe benefit claims.

Have a great rest of the weekend, dear Readers!



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