Writing on the Run

Writing on the run. Not literally. No running today. It’s a mandatory rest day.  Instead, on-the-run as in quick update because I have to run and address a half dozen other errands and chores this weekend.

So, anyway…

I got it. I have all the details I need to wrap up this current storyline of Crank. Now all I need is some time to actually write it down. Yeah, my fingers aren’t even crossed on that one. Heh.

In other news, I’m almost done with the first draft of a story I’ve been writing with Dorothy Shaw. More girl bits, dear Readers. She has a great red-headed woman for a vampire from my first-ever series of stories. I hope you’ll get a chance to read about Ivy and Venom sometime soon. I love that bastard, even if he won’t star in one of my M/M stories. Like, ever. He has absolutely no leanings in that direction at all. Not like his brother. Ah, Max, I miss that reclusive bisexual vampire bastard. Let’s face it, though, Venom is much more entertaining.

And boy bits? Oh, maybe “bits” isn’t the best term for the men. The fellows in my current M/M WiP wouldn’t appreciate that much at all. I have one contemporary and one fantasy story running through my head right now. The former is half done, but the latter is vying for some attention. More as the words flow, dear Readers. Hopefully that river will run soon.

Have a great week, cari miei!



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