Jabberwocky: K-9 love, re-releases, running nowhere


* With fireworks and barbecues wrapping up, let us take a moment to remember all those who are or have dedicated their lives to our freedom. Read a beautiful tribute by a Massachusetts trooper for his K-9 partner here: “Good girl, Kallie. Free time.” 

* Former Silver Publishing novella, Fallen, has been offered a contract through Loose Id. Yay! I’ll miss that lickable Jimmy Thomas cover but I’m thrilled to get a chance to clean it up and get it back out there.

* Two other Silver returns, Bound By Love* and My Ghost, have some fabulous new covers on the way. I expect to have them released again in the next couple of weeks. Bound By Love is getting a new name but the story is the same for those of you who read the original.

* I’ve been a bit cranky about not running at all this lovely long weekend. A single, tiny muscle has been sharing some painful spasms on and off, mostly on, while walking. So running’s out. Fingers crossed that taking a few days off will see me running again very soon.

CRANK will return soon. Hopefully next weekend. My apologies for the delay.

The boy (cat) just threw him down on the laptop, so I’m done for the weekend. Happy July, dear Readers.


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