Reviews: Solo Flight

Amazon is being a bully again. (I should probably say “still”.) It has classified Solo Flight as one of those evil adult books it needs to protect people from. You can type “Solo Flight” and “Pia Veleno” into the search field and Amazon will still not show the book. You have to have the direct link, or go through my Amazon Author page to get at it. Talk about a buzz kill on sales! Shit, Amazon, is this your version of book burning in the electronic age??

So, please, dear Readers, if you’re interested in Solo Flight please consider downloading it directly from Loose Id who, unlike Amazon, believes you deserve all the Sexily Ever After that you can read.

Click here for my Bookshelf at Loose Id


Here are a couple of reviews for Solo Flight that I just heard about through LI’s review coordinator. I know, I should keep an eye out for these things but the Day Job has been taking all of my computer time lately.

If you haven’t read Hawk’s story yet, check out these wonderful reviews. Let’s see if they catch your interest!


MM Good Book Reviews

Lisa at MM Good Book Reviews gave Solo Flight four hearts and said:

It is a strange little story but it caught my attention from the moment I opened the book and kept it all the way to the end. Pia has a great gift at telling a story and I am glad to have had the chance to read it. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next story.

Read the entire review here: MM Good Book Reviews. Thank you Lisa!!


Mrs Condit & Friends

Miss Piggy at Mrs. Condit’s blog gave Solo Flight four peas and said:

I found Solo flight refreshing and different than most m/m stories. There was less emphasis on sex and attraction than there was on the internal struggles that people tend to go through after a failed relationship.

Miss Piggy also discovered my “dedication” which just tickles me. I agonize over those things even though I suspect only a small percentage read them. This one was especially important to me. I’ve felt that two-by-four more than once in my life!

Read the entire review here: Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books. Thank you Miss Piggy!!


If those reviews have your interest, each has a buy link, or you can click the banner for Solo Flight below.

Solo Flight


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