Yes, I’m still around. Sorta…

About the time I got the nod from Loose Id to republish Fallen I was offered a job I’d been eyeing for some time. I certainly won’t complain. I love the role. Unfortunately, it takes more mental energy and more outright work than the other jobs I’ve had over the past two decades, and so writing has fallen to the wayside.

It’s not permanent. Or so I’ve been telling myself. I still have ideas for new stories. I still play upcoming scenes between Crank and Mike in my head while driving to the office. What I haven’t done is figure out when to sit and type.

Sure, I’m doing so now, but even as I do I can feel the muscles in my left forearm twitch. One muscle in particular. Of course, it’s the one that gets aggravated when the palm is turned down. You know, as in typing position, for example.

I won’t give it up however. The job, or the activity that caused the muscle strain. Writing, too. I’m not giving that up. I will figure out how to fit it in once again. This is not a promise to you, dear Readers, but to myself.

While I’m trying to figure this out – or perhaps to help me figure this out – I’ve set a goal to post to the blog each Sunday. With football season in full swing, I figure I can at least find the time during half-time to post something. There probably won’t be much for writing updates, and CRANK take a little longer than a half-time show, but something. Perhaps some healthy living updates, or flash fiction, or mini-dissertations on the conflict of feelings between my love for the Patriots and my loathing for Roger Goodell. I’ll write something.

With that goal, I hope to have the need to write re-blossom. Even now, I’m wondering if I have it in me to write one more – I’m very much overdue to post to Slash & Burn, and to CRANK, and to the story that I’m co-writing with the lovely and talented Dorothy Shaw. I want to. I do. But can I do it?


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