Not Crossfit. Not Paleo. Just Healthy.

Those of you that still follow me on Twitter have already been subjected to (or ignored) my Crossfit tweets. Before you click away, this isn’t a Crossfit post. It’s about a fitness challenge issued by the Crossfit affiliate gym where I spend so much time and sweat.

Starting Monday, we’re eating clean. Somewhat Paleo, but Paleo has become such a fad that there are way too many cheats labeled as Paleo. A gluten-free cupcake is still a cupcake! No, we’re going for a grain-free, sugar-free, cleaning eating challenge. Along with that nutritional throwdown, we’ve also been issued a challenge to drop body fat and gain muscle. How? Simple. Eat clean and exercise frequently.

Who’s with me?

It’s so quiet in here I don’t even hear the crickets. Well, crickets don’t need to lose body fat, but a lot of us who sit in front of the computer all day absolutely do! Join me, dear Readers, in these three things–

  • Don’t eat grains, sugars, or anything you can’t pronounce.
  • Exercise five to six times a week. With variety — Lift heavy weights, run, play a sport, practice yoga.
  • Sleep. Yes, sleep. Lack of sleep can reduce reflexes as much as drinking, and work sucks when you’re tired.

Last time I did something like this I felt amazing. Sure, it was hard to give up the flavored coffee creamers, and the margaritas, and the caramel chocolates, but it was worth it. I had more energy. My clothes fit better. I don’t know why I left it behind. It was a slow decay to be sure, but it happened. Tomorrow I throw away whatever junk I don’t eat tonight, and I start fresh. Oatmeal, Sun Butter, chicken, fruit, veggies, eggs. The list is endless if only you look beyond the candy aisle.

If you’d like to join me, take a “before” picture. This is only for you, so don’t worry about anyone seeing it. Pick the activity you’d like to improve — start running? Gain flexibility? Get stronger? And now benchmark it. Measure your time, speed, weight, whatever your goal is, and jot it down as part of your “before”. We’re going for faster, more flexible, stronger, better balance, more endurance. You name it, you can change it.

Happy Sunday, dear Readers. See you next week, with some thoughts on this challenge. I hope to see you there.



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