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Slash & Burn: Excerpt Posted

For those of you who missed Bound by Love before Silver went under, it will be rereleased as For Eden: The Shadowfire Ring this Tuesday (February 3rd). To read an excerpt ahead of release, visit Slash & Burn by clicking HERE.

Come back to this blog for buy links on Tuesday, or search for the title at Smashwords, ARe, B&N, or Amazon.

Now on to the highlight of the weekend — Go Patriots!


The former Silver Publishing books

Dear Readers,

Please do not buy any of the former Silver Publishing titles at this time. I’ve seen at least one for sale by pirates. It’s a sad thing when pirates offer your hard work for free, but there’s a deep circle of Hell for those that profit from it.

These stories are NOT for sale legally:

Bound By Love
My Ghost
Man Whore

If you see them for sale, please let me know. It’s not me. I don’t see a cent from the sale.

In better news, I’ve arranged for cover art for the first two, and hope to self-publish then within the next month. I’ll let you know when it’s official, and where, so you can download them legally. Fallen is with an editor for review, and Man Whore is on hold until I polish the synopsis for the entire series. Again, hopefully soon, so they’re not off the shelves too long. It’s been too long already!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Now I’m off to work on the next new story, a contemporary friends-to-lovers novel. The second character is hiding from me, so it’s time to put the two men in the Muse’s sandbox to write some scenes that will force them to show me their true colors. These typically don’t end up in the story, but they help immensely.

Wish me luck, dear Readers, and have a wonderful summer!