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Fresh Start – Homebound

It’s been a week.

Last Monday, I signed paperwork to buy a new home. We slept on an air mattress that night because the movers couldn’t make it back until Tuesday morning.

And that was perfectly okay.

Because it was done. Finished. The home was ours. The trials and tribulations that led up to last Monday are for another day. There were plenty of them. I don’t remember being even half as stressed when we bought the last place, but we survived so I’m letting it go. For now. Until I feel like ranting against the strange behaviors of humans again.

Not tonight though.

Tonight is for the beauty of finding a place that calls out for you.

I haven’t written in months. No, years now. It’s been at least as long as the new job title I acquired two years ago, perhaps longer. Definitely longer.

This home inspires me.

As I sat on the deck this afternoon, reclining in a chair to watch the clouds drift by, I realized I was narrating in my head. Something that doesn’t happen often anymore. It’s been a great fix when I can’t sleep – I narrate a scene for Crank late at night as I try not to stare at the ceiling – but tonight I was doing it simply because.

Because there was something I wanted to say. A story to weave. A sense of peace with words and environment I haven’t felt in a while. Because I am a writer.

The clouds drift lazily by overhead as you stretch, languidly, like a feline. You notice the different layers of white in the sky and think back to the day when you could’ve named them. Some clouds fluffy and thick, others thin and sparse. As you watch, two crows do aerial acrobatics, fighting over… something. You don’t care what.

You think back over the last week. You’ve seen orioles, cardinals, hummingbirds, and one curious groundhog who stood on his hind feet to sniff the air when he spotted you watching from behind the glass of the walkout basement door. You watched each other for several minutes before he ambled into the bushes, unconcerned about his new neighbor.

This is a place that could bring back the stories. This is a place that could sustain peace.

The last place served you well. Very well. But you couldn’t relax like this. Not outside. On that deck, you barely rocked your head to one side to see two yards down. That house, the neighbor “warmed up” his oversized pickup truck for several minutes before tearing out of the neighborhood like he drove a street racer. That house had turkeys, though this one still might. They say a moose was spotted here once. You don’t want to tangle with that, and you’re fairly certain the cats will chose the same cautionary path should they spy the leggy but onerous creature.

It was a week ago that you signed the papers, and every day you’re grateful that you were stubborn, refusing what should’ve been nice homes, insisting on continuing the search. It was a week ago, that you laughed with the sellers, despite the stress leading up to that day. It was a week ago, that you wondered about the gruff nature of the man purchasing the home that sheltered you for the last decade, but relaxed when you learned he wasn’t the one that would live there. That energy wouldn’t invade the home that treated you well for years.

Today, swallows race each other across the span of the lawn to disappear behind the roof of the house, and dragonflies bigger than you’ve seen dart by on the way to do whatever dragonflies do. Today, you relax, listening to the night critters as twilight falls and the clouds thicken, and you smile.

Writing started as a catharsis to pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Writing can be inspired by much more if only the writer opens her eyes to see the inspiration.

Could this be a fresh start? I know Crank and Mike have been busy in my thoughts, but I can’t promise anything just yet. This laptop tells me the battery is crap, and my job still requires a lot of mental energy, but I haven’t surrendered. Not yet. Not anytime soon. I am a writer. I only need to put words down on the page.


Not Disappearing

Last I wrote, a month ago, it was just a quick note to direct you to a short interview. Before that, ten days previous, a simple announcement about Fallen being rereleased. I’ve not been much better about new chapters for CRANK. I’m due for one today. Technically. I know what needs to come next, but I haven’t sat down to write at all since the last chapter.

I’d say I blame the new job, but that wouldn’t be fair. I like my job. It was the right move. It is also mentally exhausting. I work much harder each day now, than I did a year ago. Though it may sound like one, that is not a complaint. I do wish I had more time to write. However, I also love my job right now.

Am I quitting the fictional world? Absolutely not! I cannot, however, promise anything specific at this point in my life. Sometime down the road, I do expect work to settle enough to write more regularly, but until that happens, I cannot keep stressing about what I’m not doing.

For now, dear Readers, subscribe to the RSS feed on this blog, and I’ll post when I can. I’ll write when I have time, as long as I’m not forcing it, dreading it, or doing it half-assed because I’m just too tired, distracted, or uninterested to proceed properly. I do still intend to finish the Man Whore series, and the het erotic romance I’ve been working on with dear friend, Dorothy Shaw. I have a couple of stand-along M/M stories started that haven’t been looked at in months. I still think about them. I’m not giving up, but instead, acknowledging that I simply don’t have the time. Not quality time. And that’s what I need.

Don’t give up on me yet. I certainly have not.


Another Status Update for Out of Print Books (aka former SP releases)

Quick (or maybe not so much) update on my four former SP stories.

PiaVeleno_ForEdenTheShadowfireRing_200x300* Bound By Love has been officially retitled For Eden: The Shadowfire Ring. It will be rereleased in February, four years after its first release, but less than a year after rights reverted and it went out of print. Prepping for this release has reminded me of the ideas I had for these two. Bound was never meant to be a solo release. Those of you who read it before it disappeared from shelves know that Beliaz made a deal at the end that could lead to all kinds of trouble.


Fallen_coverlg* Fallen will be rereleased at Loose Id in less than a month. It was originally slated for the first Tuesday of November. I’m scheduled to be out of town that week and that brought back memories of a certain trolling fiasco that occurred so conveniently during a previous out of country trip. Funny how these things happen while one’s back is turned and one’s internet connection is severed. Needless to say, I requested a different date and the wonderful LI folks readily agreed.


PiaVeleno_MyGhost_200x300* My Ghost is still on sale at with the coupon code HE39Z. This coupon will remain active through the end of October. I’m a bit surprised at how little the code has been used so far, but I guess that means you’ve all already read this dark little ghost story. I like the new cover art so much I’m considering a sequel just to see that model grace another cover. What do you think?


* Man Whore is still out of print. If you see it for sale somewhere, please let me know. Damn pirates! I have a couple of ideas on where I may submit it for republication, but I want to clean up the synopsis for the entire series before doing so. Some reviewers commented that the first novel seemed fragmented, like two stories smashed together into one book. I get that. As a series, that’ll make more sense, so I want to make sure I can sell the series theme with the first book, and give the editor enough info to tie future hints into the first story. Give me some time, dear readers. I will get this done, and with that, the next story in the series.


That’s all for reverted rights. In other writing news, I do have a couple of works in progress, but nothing ready to send out just yet. One is a contemporary friends-to-lovers theme that I’ve been working on on and off for a while, and the other is the sequel to Fallen – aka Bran’s story. With the work I’ve been doing getting Fallen ready to publish, Bran is more in the forefront of my mind, though further from being ready to submit. I should get back to him now…

Happy October, dear Readers!


Update on Former Silver Publishing Books

I received a comment on an old post recently. The commenter asked about the sequel to Man Whore. I’ve been meaning to address that for some time, so how about now.

Back when Man Whore was first released, I had some troubles that left a bad taste in my mouth. It took a while to dive back into those characters and write the second story. By the time that sequel was completed, there were already hints that Silver Publishing wouldn’t be around for the long haul, so I set the manuscript aside to see how those things would wash out.

Unfortunately, wash out was the right term. SP is gone, and I’m still figuring out what to do with the stories they abandoned. So far, I have this:

My Ghost – rereleased as of August 2nd. It can be found on Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords.

Fallen – Under contract with Loose Id. Expect a new name with the rerelease near year end.

Bound By Love – New name and cover assigned. I’m working through self-pubbing hell. Hopefully I’ll have it ready to rerelease by end of September.

Man Whore – This one is more difficult. It doesn’t fit Loose Id’s house style, so I haven’t even showed it to my editor there. I also haven’t made the time to research which publishing house might be interested. Recommendations are welcome from those of you who have read it.

Then there’s the rest of the Personal Demons series (of which Man Whore is the first). The second title is ready to submit to a publisher, and the rest of the series has individual synopses prepared. Part of me wants to finish first drafts of the remaining stories first. The rest of me knows that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Perhaps I’m avoiding the work of figuring out a new publishing house. Loose Id isn’t going anywhere and I don’t want to risk another Silver fiasco.

Please, dear Readers, recommendations and/or patience appreciated. I’ll figure it out eventually. I haven’t forgotten. There is so much on my writing to do list, and Man Whore is high up on that list.

Movie Review: Authors Anonymous

It took me a while of knowing I needed to before I actually did. I tend to work that way sometimes. I loved yoga. I knew it was good for me. Yet it took forever for me to make it a habit.

I’m not writing about yoga today. Instead I’m writing about a movie I picked off of Netflix to watch while I practiced yoga in my living room. Perhaps we can talk about the benefits of yoga another day. If you’re interested.

I guess you could call Authors Anonymous a mockumentary. IMDB calls it just a plain ole comedy. I don’t recall seeing any ads for this movie when it came out but with Kaley Cuoco starring and a theme that hits home, I couldn’t resist not only playing it during yoga, but watching the entire film even after my exercise was finished.

Authors Anonymous is a fictional documentary following the members of a writing group as they seek the ultimate reward – publication. When Hannah (Kaley) scores an agent, the group dynamics shift. I won’t share spoilers, just the tagline: Happy endings are hard to write.

I can see why this didn’t do well on the big screen. I imagine anyone not dreaming of, or already succeeding at, writing that Great American Novel isn’t going to appreciate the story. For example, how many non-writers know about those pay-to-publish places that tried to grab a potential author’s money before self-publishing ebooks became so easy. Yet I found that part of the movie amusing.

Authors Anonymous is not a five out of five but if you already have Netflix, it’s free. If you are an author, or hang out with authors, check it out.

Writing on the Run

Writing on the run. Not literally. No running today. It’s a mandatory rest day.  Instead, on-the-run as in quick update because I have to run and address a half dozen other errands and chores this weekend.

So, anyway…

I got it. I have all the details I need to wrap up this current storyline of Crank. Now all I need is some time to actually write it down. Yeah, my fingers aren’t even crossed on that one. Heh.

In other news, I’m almost done with the first draft of a story I’ve been writing with Dorothy Shaw. More girl bits, dear Readers. She has a great red-headed woman for a vampire from my first-ever series of stories. I hope you’ll get a chance to read about Ivy and Venom sometime soon. I love that bastard, even if he won’t star in one of my M/M stories. Like, ever. He has absolutely no leanings in that direction at all. Not like his brother. Ah, Max, I miss that reclusive bisexual vampire bastard. Let’s face it, though, Venom is much more entertaining.

And boy bits? Oh, maybe “bits” isn’t the best term for the men. The fellows in my current M/M WiP wouldn’t appreciate that much at all. I have one contemporary and one fantasy story running through my head right now. The former is half done, but the latter is vying for some attention. More as the words flow, dear Readers. Hopefully that river will run soon.

Have a great week, cari miei!


Jabberwocky: writing, reading, working, and sitting

Time’s been flying by since the release of Solo Flight. I haven’t done much writing, but I have been keeping very busy. The biggest loss of personal time stems from finally landing a job I’d been angling for over the past six months. With this new department, I have no down time but less stress, so while I won’t be balancing my checkbook during market hours anymore, I have already noticed a change in my mood, energy, and behavior.

Carving out time for writing should come as I settle into the new routine. As will time to clean the house, catch up on laundry, and other things being neglected lately. Including Crank. Yes, I know it’s been a while since I posted a chapter to that fun online web series. I know what comes next. It’s in my head, waiting for the time to sit down and write. Perhaps I should’ve chosen that obnoxious redhead over the blog this morning, but I’m barely awake and will have a better shot at coherent fiction after my run. I’ll get back to him. Soon, I promise.

Even reading has become scarce in my life. I’ve had the anchor story for the Eostre’s Baskets collection on my Kindle since release date, and still have about an hour left to read. A New Dawn is a great story, too, and I want to finish it. (Warning for you M/M “purists”, this is a het romance. You know, girl bits.) Essie, the creator of the baskets in Solo Flight (and the other stories) has her own tale to tell and her own shot at a sexily ever after in A New Dawn. I’ve enjoyed it so far, and will have to let you know more once I’ve finished reading it.

Oh, I’d meant to write about the new running club, but I’ve rambled at you enough for one Sunday morning. I’ll add that to the list of things to do. It’s already there, in a way, because I’m hoping to come back to the health/fitness posts in between writing updates. Let’s face it. Both readers and writers spend a lot of time sitting, and so once in a while we need to set the stories aside and come up for air. Our bodies will appreciate it, even if our muses object.

Happy Sunday, dear Readers!

Happy New Year

2013 was a busy year. I spent a ton of time in doctor’s offices addressing neck and shoulder pain. It’s not all gone, but I’m managing it — some days better than others — and that’s the best I can ask for at this point. I’ve also revamped my diet, removing most grains and sugar-added items from my meals, returned to a steady running plan, and wrestled insomnia down to a moderate annoyance.

Between my literal pain in the neck and working through setting myself up for a potential career path adjustment with my current employer I’ve barely had time to write. Sure, I could get up early to write, but sleep is important. I could forgo football season but… hahaha. Never mind. I think you know how these things go.

So despite all of this, I do have an exciting announcement. In between all these other activities, I have managed to write a story for Loose Id, with an expected release this spring, in time for Ostara (Easter). I don’t have more than that to share today. I’ve yet to name the story, or edit my query blurb, but when these things get addressed, I will share them with you.

My fingers are crossed for a productive 2014. I hope to write more, step up my running program, and start a new role that will carry me through the next few years at the day job.

I hope you all had a wonderful 2013 and are looking forward to exciting activities and goals for this new year. Best wishes to each and every one of you.

Pia Veleno


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Long Time…

Hopefully you’ve noticed I haven’t been around much. The blog, Crank, Goodreads, Twitter… you name it, I’ve been either spotty in posting, or completely absent.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally admitted to myself that my back, shoulders, and neck need more than just intermittent breaks from the laptop. When it comes down to it, these breaks can’t be enough when I’m still working a full time job at a computer. I’m still working that day job. It pays the bills where writing, in its best months, might cover my groceries. So I can’t cut back on non-writing computer hours.

Backing off on the writing has been as painful as the muscle issues. My wonderful editor still sends me emails asking how things are going. She hasn’t given up on me, but there are days I feel like I have.

So now I’m officially in physical therapy, spending more money than my books have earned so far, in hopes that I can get my body to cooperate with my mind’s desire to tell a story. It’s the best option so far. I can’t cut back my hours at the job that pays the bills, and I have to get back to writing regularly for my own sanity.

If my blog continues to suffer, please forgive, and Facebook, well, I should probably delete that one outright. I have a new CRANK chapter to share this weekend, but I can’t promise I’ll return to the bi-weekly additions. I’ll finish their story, definitely, just how quickly remains to be seen.

Be patient, dear readers, and please, be like my editor. Don’t give up on me. I promise I won’t either.

PS I am not earning any money on ads popping up on this site, or on the CRANK site. Please see WordPress’s new rules about ads. Either I pay to go ad free, or they put ads up to supposedly keep my usage free. Oh, WordPress, I pay you already, just to use my own domain name, so I’ll be looking for a new hosting site. Anyone with web experience willing to be hired at a reasonable price want some work to set up my website on its own?

Coming Soon…?

Maybe I need to rename this post to something like “Stuff That Happened Recently and Hopefully will be Happening Soon.” Perhaps I’ll shorten it to just “Stuff.”

Since the funeral, I’ve been spending most of my mental energy on the Job That Pays The Bills. Q1 is always busy, but with the market performing well lately, I’ve been tapped every day. Sure, I get personal time — I do get to come home every evening — but after the busy market days I’ve had lately, personal time rarely has any mental acuity for things like WiPs, blog posts, or some nights, cooking a healthy dinner.

Never you mind that because it will pass. It always does. When summer rolls around I’ll be hip deep in my new story, and (maybe) posting regularly again here. I say maybe because let’s face it, I’ve never been a good blogger. It’s not in me to share with strangers when I barely share with my friends. Ah, there’s a fun blog topic. Introverts. We do try, dear Readers. Really.

Anyway, this post is titled “Coming Soon” for a reason… I mean “Stuff.”

On the Slash & Burn blog today, I wrote about running and writing, with a hint at the upcoming WiP: “The Written Mile”

No CRANK today, but there was one last Sunday. Mike eavesdrops and Ash puts Crandall on the spot in “A Favor Asked”

In the next week or two, we’ll revisit our calorie counting, and our favorite junk food in the next Hunger Games post. So if you’ve been slacking, get counting!

Quoting Fiction will be back this week. Stay tuned.

Happy March, dear Readers!