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Love is Always Write

Another anthology of free short stories written by the authors of the M/M Romance group on

The Wolf at My Door is available as a free online read by clicking the LiAW art to the left.

(Once I’ve found a cover artist and formatted the story for upload, it will also be available at Smashwords and ARe… But not yet.)


The Wolf at My Door
GoodReads, July 2012
Length:  13.5k

Not every wolf is big and bad…

Prompt provided by Pender: “I can’t believe my best friend overpowered me and left me trussed up like a cheap rump roast. And who the hell did he phone before he left? Is that his key in the lock? The minute I get loose I’m going to kill him.”


Don’t Read in the Closet
An anthology of free short stories written by the authors of the M/M Romance group on

Freedom’s Souvenir is available as a free read online by clicking the art to the left, or as a free download from by clicking the cover below.

(Now also available at ARe in multiple formats for your reading pleasure)

Freedom’s Souvenir
GoodReads, July 2011
Cover by Pia Veleno
Length:  15k

A lifetime in the closet is a hard habit to break, but so is a lifetime out of it.

The crystal blue ocean doesn’t hold a candle to the hard abs and cocky smile of Nick Boden, but Tad Eglington has spent his entire adult life reinforcing the walls of his closet, while Nick has never put anything but clothes in his. 

The ship is called Freedom, but will its message be heard on the open ocean. 


Free fiction every other weekend:

Vampires are real and their hunters are made with one careless bite.


Mike Vranken and Crandall Jacobson had their friendship, their band, Inertia Stand, and an understanding that allowed them to be roommates despite the attitude that earned Crandall the nickname “Crank”. That is, until a vampire sunk her teeth into Crandall, and Mike knew exactly how to destroy her.

While still processing his roommate not only hunting vampires, but kissing him with bloody lips, Crandall learns he has the blood of a hunter too. Reluctant doesn’t begin to describe Crank’s new attitude as he’s dragged into the world of vampires, their hunters, and their prey, all while fronting for a band that performs in the city’s most elite club — a club that just happens to be owned by the beasts he now must hunt.

For more information on CRANK, click HERE.


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